Maple Syrup Festival

Pancake Breakfast!

Today we went to a Maple Syrup Festival at the Cold Creek Conservation Area. There were some different events at the Festival – a wagon ride, maple syrup making demonstrations, and perhaps most importantly, a pancake breakfast.  Nancy and I enjoyed the breakfast.  Ava even tried the pancakes, but didn’t seem to like them.  Breakfast came with bacon and maple syrup made at the Conservation Area.  It was really very delicious.

Wagon Ride

We went on a wagon ride, which Ava really enjoyed.  It was a little cold, with the wind blowing.  The wagon was pulled by two very large horses.  Ava was thrilled to see them.

Making Maple Syrup

We also got to watch how they make maple syrup, using the outdoor wood-fired boiler.  It takes hours of boiling the tree sap down, until it is thick enough to become the maple syrup.

All-in-all it was a fun time, even if it was a little cold (-5 degrees C).  At least it was nice and sunny!  Ava was well bundled up in her winter coat and leggings.  I’m sure we’ll go back again!


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