Italian Car Day Show at Boyd Park

On Saturday, July 21st we all went to the Italian Car Day show at Boyd Park, in Woodbridge.  Diego was  bringing a special Alfa Romeo from Chrysler in Detroit to include in the show, so it was a good opportunity to see him, as well as many fine Italian automobiles.

2010 Alfa Romeo Giuletta

The car Diego brought was a 2010 Alfa Romeo Giuletta, which is only available in Europe.  This is why it was so special – you can’t get them here.  It was a beautiful red colour that fit in perfectly with all the other red Italian cars.

Both Ava and Kristan seemed to enjoy the show. The weather was perfect to view the cars outside.  At 1:05pm they held an “engine start”, where all the car owners started up their vehicles at the same time.  Quite impressive, and loud.

The The cars ranged from Ferrari and Lamborgini to Fiat.  There were, of course, lots of Fiat 500s on the field.  A number of race cars also where shown along side the street machines.

My favourite car of the show was an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizone.  A really beautiful car, and very rare.

Overall, a really great show to attend, and one I think we’ll try and get to next year as well.


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