African Lion Safari

We spent the day at African Lion Safari, our first trip there.  I had never been before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Mostly I was worried about how much damage the monkeys were going to do to the car.  Turns out, I didn’t need to be worried at all.

The park itself isn’t that large.  The water park, however, is probably the biggest one we have been to.  It proved to be very popular with all the kids, especially Ava and Iona.  It was Ava’s first time going down a waterslide, which she really enjoyed.  Everything was just the right size for Ava.  Iona to with the water, and even got to try a really small waterslide.

The drive through the reserve turned out to be quite fun.  Although a few animals, like the cheetahs, were behind fences, most were not.  The lions were a little lazy (probably a good thing) but pretty close to the cars.  Some animals even wandered between the cars.

As for the monkeys, the only ones out were the baboons.  They seemed to only climb on cars with roof racks, I assume the racks gave them something to hold onto.  One car rolled down a window and fed a baboon, and were quickly warned not to do it again.  The baboons took a liking to that car and seemed a little aggressive.  Serves them right.

Overall a good day out.  It was definitely worthwhile, especially with all the added attractions they have there now with the water park and other activities.  We were also close enough to Cambridge to head there for dinner before driving home.


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