Kris Kringle Brunch

We missed the City of Vaughan Breakfast with Santa this year, so we went to the Kris Kringle Brunch at The Club at Bond Head instead.  Beautiful  location.  We will have to go back in the summer, maybe for dinner at the Bistro.  Ava and Iona enjoyed their time with Santa.




Time again for our somewhat annual trip to Centreville on Centre Island.  It was nice this year that both Ava and Iona got to go on the rides together.  No need for Mom or Dad to ride the Teacups anymore. Yeah!

It was a perfect day – not too hot, or too cool.  Crowds were very light, so there were hardly any lines to wait in.  We went to Amsterdam Brewhouse for dinner afterwards, where Ava lost her first upper-middle tooth.  She was a bit upset about it.

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