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Iona’s Birthday Party

Iona’s birthday was a few days ago, but today was her big party with her friends. We went to Candyland, where Ava had her 7th birthday party. The kids all had a lot of fun. They also seem to have the fastest slide I have ever seen.


Our Little Cowgirls

Ava and Nancy went to, Ava’s friend, Isabella’s birthday party today.  Imagine my surprise to see who came home – a little cowgirl with a hat, horse and mustache.  Iona and I stayed at home and while on a walk after dinner, listened to the end of the longest Jays game they have ever had (the Jays won in the 19th inning)Turns out they even had a young horse at the party for rides.  Even Iona got in on the fun, as Ava brought home a hat, horse and mustache for her.